I've been living off and on the road since I was 9 years old. My family ditched the corporate lifestyle and ladders for a life on the road with their family. My parents, two younger sisters, myself, two dogs, and a cat set off on the road in a 37ft Winnebago RV for what we thought we was gonna be a year on the road. We ended up living on the road for close to 10 years, we couldn't get enough of the freedom of life on the road. We became the BareNakedFamily and our story is continuing to be shared.  Since then, we've all done our own adventures and travels. I now base in Bend, OR while still traveling around the Pacific Northwest chasing the things and places that give me inspiration.

Landscape photography was my way of showing the people in my life the places I've been fortunate enough to see and to share a story of why these places give me inspiration. When you spend three days planning the perfect shot and have everything ready to shoot, the weather could change suddenly and you have to learn to adapt and sometimes not get the shot at all. That's what I love about it though, Mother Nature is always in charge, but if you put yourself out there, you might come back with something pretty special. 

Lifestyle photography became my way of documenting the experiences of shooting these places I visit. I've surrounded myself with people that have stories, that are passionate, that crave life and wish to make the most of it. As a photographer, my goal is to capture and share those feelings.                 

I'm a photographer, a videographer, a climber, a surfer, snowboarder, avid hiker and dirt road explorer - so naturally, the Pacific Northwest is where I chose to call home.  Thanks to everyone who has supported my art throughout the years and followed along with the adventure.

Austin White

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