About Me

In 2001 around age 9, my family sold everything we owned and traveled the country in a 37ft RV which resulted in a massive travel bug and passion for capturing images with a unique perspective. 

Since I first picked up a camera my passion has always been to capture not only the sport but the lifestyle around the things that make us tick. No matter what I'm shooting, I tend to be at the forefront of the action to create images up close that conveys to the viewer a sense of inclusion or a sense of scale when shooting a subject in big nature scenes. 

The ability to surround myself with the sports, landscapes, and people I love has been the greatest accomplishment thus far in my photography career. I hope to continue to capture and be inspired by the drive of others to further my career to every end of the world. 

Thanks to all that believe, push, and share my passions with the world. 

- Austin White

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Feel free to drop a line and let's discuss working together on your next photo/video project! 

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